Sony’s Medium Format Camera Still Still Not Coming Soon


As I have mentioned before (here and here) Sony has apparently thought about and ruled out making a medium format camera system any time soon. That fact was confirmed again today by Sony’s engineers / managers at a Q and A…


they have qualified the top managers of Sony’s image division – now is not the time, because it is not just about launching a body, but creating a system, with optics, accessories, users …

Reported here in Spanish:




Again, as I mentioned before… Sony absolutely has the know how and resources to make a medium format camera. But too much is holding them back at the moment for it to be a good idea. Sony is already working on:

  • More APS-C lenses…  (expected 2018)
  • Most likely updated APS-C camera bodies… (pretty much every year)
  • More full frame lenses, with Sony currently lacking an entire range of telephoto lenses needed for the Sony a9 to be adopted by sports, news, and wildlife photographers… (sony telephoto probably coming late 2017 early 2018)
  • Updated a7 series bodies (coming late 2017 early 2018)
  • More cine products, lenses and bodies.
  • Not to mention that Sony wants to resume work (probably already has) on its A-mount DSLR products.


What Sony doesn’t have at the moment, is the manpower needed to do all of those things at the same time.


Now add-on top of that the fact that medium format is a niche market and already has a new player in the form of Fujifilms GFX 50S medium format camera and the answer to Sony making a medium format camera anytime soon is a resounding “no”.


So don’t wait around for a Sony medium format.

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