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Trump Media Inc. – Key People

Part Five – Key People

So let’s go through the people who might be involved with a Trump Media company! These are purely speculative of course… and any media organization of moderate size would need a handful of writers and editors who we’ve never heard of and probably will never actually encounter directly… but hey!

They’re just little people right.

The only people who matter are the big boss man people.

Like D-Trump.

Ivanka Trump

“In both business and personal life, I’ve always found that travel inspires me more than anything else I do. Evidence of the languages, cultures, scenery, food, and design sensibilities that I discover all over the world can be found in every piece of my jewelry.”

– Ivanka Trump


Ivanka Trump seems to be Donald’s favorite kiddo when it comes to any kind of public facing company. She helps with the Trump Fine Jewelry company, has her own Ivanka Trump clothing / design company thing, and helped pick out the interior decor for the new Trump hotel in Washington DC. Fun!

Ivanka has also been a presence in Donald Trump’s political campaign and presumably has had some interaction with Mr. Bannon… who if you remember was the big boss man of Breitbart.

So it’s not hard to see Ivanka becoming a media figure at her father’s future Trump News company. I’d assume, that just like with her father, she’d make an appearance here or their on some YouTube live-streams about some pretty bland topics just as a way to keep Trumpkins hooked.

Ultimately I don’t see her lending anything but popularity to the enterprise… she’s like one of those musicians bloated companies hire as “chief creative officers”.

Donald Trump

The real deal! The big D! Donalddddddd Trump! Now, if we are to use Donald Trump’s past participation in businesses that carry his name as an example of his future participation in Trump Media … It’s pretty safe to assume that he will only spend a few minutes a day on actual work at Trump Media. His previous radio spot Trumped! only ran for at most 2 minutes.

And if you don’t believe my assertion that Trump will do virtually nothing… well…

Tony Schwartz, who spent a year and a half with him as the ghostwriter for his best-selling The Art of the Deal in 1987, said the fact that Trump “has no attention span” should be an “explicit” issue in the current election. O’Donnell, who put out a tell-all book in 1991 but had kept quiet since then up until recently, wrote last month in his local paper that he’s “horrified” by the possibility of a President Trump partly because Trump’s “attention span was so small it was almost impossible to have a strategic conversation with him.”

Source: Michael Kruse, Politico, September 2016, URL:

If we’re being honest… Donald Trump seems to be one of those people who loves to have everybody work for him while putting in zero effort himself.

You know the type… the old geezer that shows up at the office when they feel like, who isn’t even your actual manager, who then proceeds to walk around the office telling everybody to do things that they’re already doing, spouting off and making offensive statements in conversation with people who are blatantly uncomfortable, and in general just making an ass of themselves.

Trump will most likely just make a single weekly appearance on a YouTube live-stream where he will proceed to insult Hillary Clinton, various non peachy skinned people, and various government policies. That’s about it.

“Well, I mean, I have an attention span that’s as long as it has to be,”

– Donald Trump

Bill Mitchell


“If Hillary was so prepared, why did she appear to be READING every time she was stating “facts”? What was she reading?”

– Bill Mitchell, @mitchellvii, 20 Oct 2016

Bill Mitchell has been a small time, if pervasive, force for the Trump campaign. I personally came across his tweets on twitter. He was being ridiculed so hard for saying some of the strangest things that I actually blocked his account long before ever writing this… the things he says are just so absurd the I honestly worry for his mental health.

Now the thing about Bill Mitchell… is that he seems to be a minnow in the carp pond that is Donald Trump.

Bill Mitchell does not have star power, nobody apparently even knew who he was and just assumed he was some has-been star (he isn’t), and he has relatively no media presence. At the time of this writing, Bill Mitchell only has 103,000 followers on twitter and a spot on YourVoice Radio.

And you know what… YourVoice Radio was actually started by Bill Mitchell himself in June 2016 and according to the YourVoice Radio website it garners a whole 50,000 listeners a month.

While it is humorous to think that a man who believes that Hillary Clinton was cheating in the debates by getting mysterious ‘light signals’ would have a presence in Trump’s media organization… there is just no evidence to point us in that direction. We can only assume Bill has been tolerated by the Trump campaign because ‘hey, free advertising’.

So Bill is out of the question.

“What the hell is this light that Hillary stares at every time she is reading?”

– Bill Mitchell, @mitchellvii, 20 Oct 2016

Mike Cernovich

“Abe Lincoln was a cuck.”

– Mike Cernovich, @Cernovich, 22 Oct 2016

I decided to include Mike Cernovich here not because I think he’ll play any kind of vital or official role in a Trump Media organization but because I can’t help but suspect that he’d be a regular guest there.

Mike Cernovich is currently one of the main cheerleaders for the ‘alt-right movement’ as well as the Trump supporters of the world. At the time of this writing, he currently has 139,000 followers on twitter and is quite fond of insulting people for seemingly little to no reason.

His main topics of concern are; insulting people, why Trump is a god, why everybody but alt-righters are stupid, the occasional conspiracy theory, and of course… bashing long gone politicians for no explicable reason.

In other words, Mike’s favorite topics are exactly the kind of content I’m sure we’ll find at a Trump Media company. I expect we’ll hear the words ‘today’s guest is Mike Cernovich’ on Trump Media’s future YouTube channel frequently… so prepare yourself for that.

So to continue! Let’s read a little bit about Mike’s upcoming book! Are you excited!?! I’m so excited.

Danger & Play: Essays on Embracing Masculinity

About the Author: Mike Cernovich is considered the most controversial writer living today, as he tells the truth without fear of offending the politically correct or weak minded.’

The sheer arrogance of that description is astounding… it should tell you a lot about how Mike views himself.

Now if we’re being honest, he is one of the most self-centered pieces of shit I have ever seen. If you go and read any of his writing, you’ll quickly notice that everything is about him, his feelings, his thoughts, and his selfish desires. Me me me me me.

Even when people criticize him… all he does is fire off insults as a way to justify his poor behavior. He quite clearly lacks empathy in his writings and that may be because for all I know he possess none. Every interaction he publicly has lacks empathy.

Mike Cernovich is, in essence, a young sociopathic Trump.

And I really don’t think people like Trump enjoy competing with their own personalities… if we were to describe it in the way an alt-righter would… Alphas don’t like competing with other Alphas.

So I think while Cernovich may very well end up appearing at a Trump Media company… that’s where their relationship will start and end.

Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity is currently a Fox News host and a radio-man.

That’s all you need to know. He is not going to leave a job that probably pays him more than a Trump Media company will make in revenue in its first year.

Sean would probably make a few brief appearances now and then though… I wouldn’t doubt that. But ultimately no matter how much you love a political candidate the vast majority of people will think of their own well-being ($$$) before jumping ship to a brand spanking new media outfit.

Tomi Lahren

“For all those ‘never Trumpers’ and bleeding hearts out there saying, ‘I told you so,’ shut the hell up. Don’t go around acting holier-than-thou about this like you’ve never heard anyone say anything like that before. Give me a break.”

– Tomi Lahren on Trump saying he grabs women by the pussy

Tomi Lahren has been a frequent and loud supporter of Donald Trump during this election.

And because of that loud support, it appears to me that she has capitalized on the passions of Donald Trump’s fans to lift up her own media ambitions. She’s everywhere she can be… shoving her face into any and every conversation so that she can proclaim how wonderful Trump is and how everybody else in the world is stupid.

Frankly I find her inspirational. If somebody so rude, so arrogant and ignorant, and so incredibly patronizing to so many people… can be successful… why can’t I? (Why can’t any of us really)

“Choice is between a man who hurts your delicate little feelings and a woman who hurts your country. Choose wisely.”
– Tomi Lahren

Okay back to the point here… Tomi Lahren is a perfect candidate for a Trump Media company YouTube show. She’s not small time so she’ll bring her own audience over with her to a Trump Media show and she’s also not big enough that she’ll be worried about losing a big fat media contract from the Fox News’ of the world. She’s right in that sweet spot of availability.

So I absolutely would not be surprised to find her starting her own little show on Trump Media after it launches.

To sum up…

There’s plenty of alt-right fish in the twitter sea who would be appealing as hosts / personalities to the Trump supporters and alt-righters of the world. I just highlighted a few people who pop-up on everybody’s radar occasionally.

The reality is that this is a crap shoot and we can’t even be sure Donald Trump would be really involved with his own media company.

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