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Trump Media Inc. – Setup


Part Three – Trump Media’s Setup


If Trump were to start his own media company… what would its innards look like? How would it work in general?? How does anything work actually???


A brief look at the innards… Starting with The Donald…

I will bet you, considering Donald Trump’s apparent lack of desire to… you know… do actual work… that D-Trump would most likely only be superficially involved in the running and content creation of his Trump Media organization.

And considering his hatred of Teleprompters and prepping for speeches, it is doubtful that he would be able to act as an editor (which is the role most people would assume he’d play.

So what the heck would Donald Trump even do at a Trump Media company???

Can’t edit.

Can’t do real work.

I don’t think he’s actually ever written anything.

So what’s left?


Donald Trump loves to talk. That means that two mediums are available to him… radio and television. Or if we’re thinking more in a more modern (and much more likely) sense it’d be podcasts and YouTube videos.


Look mommy… the D is on the YouTube…

Which is actually the most common thing I’ve heard people come up with… that Donald Trump will go back to his Apprentice roots and become a TV personality again.

As an aside: I think it would be an absurd idea to have a literal ‘Trump TV’ channel. The costs would be enormous with almost no advertisers daring to run ads on it because of fears of toxicity.

He’d love it. Love it!

A weekly ‘Trump TV’ show airing on a Trump Media YouTube channel… maybe even live-streamed… would fit well with Trump’s style of work and skill set (being the big-boy boss on The Apprentice).

Internet distribution also has benefits beyond Donald Trump’s personal needs… a Trump Media website lowers costs significantly compared to a TV channel, it makes advertising sales easier, and allows for video content to be produced and distributed at a fraction of the cost of traditional TV.

In other words, the benefits of an online only Trump Media operation vastly outweigh the costs. And if Trump is as smart of a business person as he thinks he is… I feel that he would be able to figure that out.

So a Trump TV show exclusively distributed over the internet seems likely.


To sum up…

  • Trump is not going to have his own news channel. Too expensive.
  • Trump will probably be in an internet distributed ‘TV show’.
  • Trump Media will be online only, with only rare appearances from Trump himself.




The Trump Media Inc. Ink (report) has been broken up into the following parts:

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Part Three - Trump Media's Setup

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