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Trump Media Inc. – Prelude

Trump Media Inc.

a brief look at the possibility of a Trump media company

by Jordan Wunderlich



Dedicated to the lovely Mr. Trump.

He’s a real go getter, a pussy grabber, a winner. Winner!

No lie.

Cross my heart and hope to die.

Stick a needle in my eye.





Part One – Prelude

“Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.”

– Donald Trump

In the past few weeks, I have now heard a handful of news outlets express the idea that Donald Trump will start a media company shortly after he fails to win the presidential election. These media companies have not really expanded on the idea of a Trump News or on how they exactly got the idea to begin with… They merely slip the detail in here or there… Almost as if it’s filler.

Those offhanded comments eventually led me to think about what a Trump media company would look like… what would they talk about, who’d do the talking, how would they make money? The thought of Donald Trump spending the next decade or so harassing everybody he personally dislikes via his own media company simultaneously tickled my fancy and horrified me. I couldn’t help but begin to imagine what a Trump News company would entail.

So when Donald Trump said “I’ll keep you in suspense” when asked about whether or not he’d bow out of the Presidential election gracefully if Hillary wins… what people heard was a man saying he wouldn’t respect our democratic process. What I heard though… was a man setting the stage, giving himself free advertising in front of tens of millions of people, for his soon to come media outlet.


And that’s how we’re here!


In the following report (what I call an Ink) I will explore the general issues, topics, and people who would be involved in a Donald Trump News Company.

I want you to understand that this is not a formal report)… I am not the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. I am not here to give you a bunch of numbers and blandly phrased nonsense. The purpose of an Ink (my term for a report but less report-ish) is to inspire thought. It’s supposed to be fun and informational… it’s fun-a-mation.

As a side note, if you’re a rather voyeuristic person you will be so incredibly disappointed by my writing. I have no gossip to offer you, no mysterious ‘inside sources’, and no desire to write anything sensational in nature. This report is more along the lines of a thought experiment.

Another note, I cannot guarantee the accuracy of anything in this Ink. Why’s that? Because I do not know what Donald Trump or anybody will do! I’m no mind reader. The world is a wildly complex place and nobody knows how things will turn out. So in all seriousness, simply think of this entire paper as a thought experiment.


And underpinning our thought experiment will be the following assumptions…

  • Trump will lose the Presidential election.
  • Trump will not spend the next year contesting the election results by every means he can. He has thought about losing and knows what he’d like to do.
  • Trump has a desire to become an influencer, a media man, one of the people who he happens to refer to as “corrupt”. Not hard to imagine considering his main claim to fame is being a low quality TV star.
  • Considering there were Trump Steaks, Trump Vodka, SUCCESS by Donald Trump, Trump Mortgage, and even Trump The Game… Trump loves to put his name on things and will name the media company along the lines of Trump News or Trump Media. I personally went with Trump Media* in my writing.
Side note: There were two companies, now inactive, named Trump Media registered in New York.


Now let the speculation begin!





The Trump Media Inc. Ink (report) has been broken up into the following parts:

Part One - Prelude

Part Two - Precedent

Part Three - Trump Media's Setup

Part Four - Business and more Business

Part Five - Key People

Part Six - Trump Media Content

Part Seven - Reaction

Part Eight - A Summary

Part Nine - Afterword

Not all parts of this Ink will be released simultaneously. Each new part will be linked to above as they become available.

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