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Jurassic Park – Kid Safe?

So which Jurassic Park films are safe for kids to watch?

I’ll take a quick whack at this for you guys.

  • The original Jurassic Park is kid safe.  There is some blood and a few yucky parts, but dinosaurs.
  • The Lost World: Jurassic Park is more kid safe than the first film. It does have some blood and sad parts, but it isn’t particularly violent.
  • Jurassic Park III contains plenty of yucky parts and violence because it’s more of a dino-action film.
  • Jurassic World is the bloodiest and most violent Jurassic Park film yet. Let your kids see this with caution.

Jurassic World might not be kid safe. A few young children got upset in the audience during the more dramatic and violent scenes. Some older folks as well.
So basically if you’re a dinosaur lover, an empathetic person, or a young child you might want to skip this film or be prepared going in.

Jurassic Park films really have never been meant for young kids, they all include some blood and violence and the newest (Jurassic World) is much more suspenseful. I wouldn’t worry so much about older kids… dinosaurs are good for you. Unless, you know, you’re in fact in Jurassic Park…..

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