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The Business of Star Wars Roundup

I’ve rounded up a big mess of articles concerning the big business of Star Wars!

Let’s learn some crap about art and business at the same time!

1. Bloomberg takes a look at the revenue Star Wars: The Force Awakens could generate in its first year…

From Darth Vader coffee mugs to holiday sweaters with Chewbacca in a Santa hat, “Star Wars” has unleashed a galaxy of goods. Cash registers will ring again when “The Force Awakens” hits theaters on Dec. 18. The film could generate more than $9 billion in revenue for Disney and its partners, from cinemas to TV networks, retailers, and toymakers.

Read it here


2. I take a look at the business of Star Wars, the toys, and the good luck of Sphero…

The Business of Art – Star Wars Toys $$$

If you want to talk big business and art, talk Star Wars.


3. I again take a look at the business of art through the lens of Star Wars toys!

The Business of Art – Star Wars Toys Continued

SO! The very cheesy looking CEO of Hasbro had an interview on Bloomberg! Which works out perfectly because I just recently had that article on Star Wars toys where I happened to mention Hasbro will be one of the main beneficiaries of the new Star Wars series coming out


4. Toys, toys, and more Star Wars toys.

The Business of Art – Star Wars Toys Continued AGAIN

Person finds Star Wars toy on shelf, buys toy, posts picture of toy, Disney gets mad???


5. Bloomberg takes a look at how much the force is actually used on the Star Wars films…

Star Wars: The Force Accounted

Ever since its 1977 cinematic debut, the Force has been strong in popular culture. People with only passing exposure to the Star Wars saga probably have at least a general notion of how the story’s mystical energy works: light sides and dark sides, wizard-like abilities over objects and minds, laser-beam swords. But who is the Force strongest with?


6. I talk about Bloomberg talking about Star Wars. It’s all business you see.

Bloomberg and the Business of Star Wars

But this just emphasizes the business of art all the more!

Bloomberg engaged with art (the Star Wars films) and then they created their own art.

Both make money off of art. Star Wars (Disney) and Bloomberg are both businesses.

Star Wars (Disney) makes its money from the sales of the films (as well as licensed products and games) and Bloomberg makes money from the advertising it displays on its original writing.


7. I take a brief look at how HP is using the upcoming Star Wars film as a marketing opportunity…

The Business of Art – HP’s Star Wars Laptops

HP has come out with special edition laptops that come with a red backlit keyboard, Star Wars decals, and customizable Star Wars sounds on the laptop to replace your standard bings and beeps.


8. I took a look at the new Lego Star Wars toy sets that came out a few months ago…

New Legos Toys Are Out for Star Wars The Force Awakens

Today, Friday September 4th is when all the Star Wars toys for the new upcoming Star Wars movie come out.

Part of the explosion of new toys is a new Star Wars line of Legos…. which I received an email for in my inbox.

So I went to take a look…

You know what I found?


9. After getting pissed off over Star Wars Lego prices, I went back and mentioned some of the positive aspects of Star Wars Lego sets.

Star Wars and Legos

I think it should be mentioned that Lego did not have these cheaper Lego sets that include more figures in them when I was a kid. Instead you had to pay $20 plus for a Lego set with the equivalent amount of figures (this obviously made building your droid army difficult and galactic domination impossible).


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