Dr Timothy Darrow with his two expedition partners.

Is Timothy Darrow A Real Person?

Since Animal Planet’s Monster Week this year featured the premiere mockumentary The Cannibal in the Jungle people have been wanting to know if Timothy Darrow the supposed cannibal of Indonesia is a real person…

While Animal Planet does not wish to explicitly tell its audiences the truth of the matter… I do. Timothy Darrow is a completely fictional (fake) person that Animal Planet made up.

The Cannibal in the Jungle is a mockumentary that Animal Planet cooked up for prime time television. It mixes and matches scientific facts together to create a new, sensational, story.

Example being the hobbit men. There are in fact real ancient hominids that have garnered the nickname “hobbits” because of their small stature that lived on the Indonesian island of Flores.

But, the story of a scientist eating two of his scientific buddies out in the remote jungles on the Indonesian Island of Flores??? Made up. Completely fictional. Trust me.

This is why there is no Wikipedia entry for Timothy Darrow. I had to make one. The whole story is fake and Animal Planet just never bothered to explain that to people watching the show. I mean I’m pretty sure you would have heard the story of the American scientist eating his fellow scientists by now if it was in fact real. In the TV show you will never find Animal Planet explaining that The Cannibal in the Jungle is not real and Timothy Darrow is not a real person. Buried deep on Animal Planet’s website you can in fact find them explaining that it is fictional… but you see nobody is going to ever see that nor do they want to do that much digging.

Anyways, to summarize for everybody!

The Cannibal in the Jungle is a made up story, Timothy Darrow is not real, hobbit men are real, Indonesia is a real place if you didn’t know, and Animal Planet totally pulled a fast one on ya!


Below you’ll find the trailer for The Cannibal in the Jungle!


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  1. Pretty much everything on discovery animal planet and the history channel is fake these days
    It’s just like how fox news isn’t news its entertainment

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